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Trapped energy release using Emotion Code-- In-person or Telehealth

Trapped energy release using Emotion Code-- In-person or Telehealth

Dr. Bradley Nelson was kind enough to bring this powerful, quick, and simple tool to the masses, and now I'm bringing it to you. Feel like something inside you is stuck and blocking you from moving forward in life? Feel like you should be over something that happened a long time ago but you still are negatively impacted by it today? Just feeling stuck in general? The Emotion Code can be used to release the trapped emotional energy from your mind and body that is keeping you stuck. Sometimes it only takes one session. Sometimes more than one,

  • In-person

    Walk in to Myh Library for a face to face energy release session. Grab a bottle of water, and let's get you unstuck!

  • Begin To Wake Therapy

    Get your energy release where ever you are in the world.  Yep, that's right!  Energy is connected everywhere, and I can release what keeps you stuck when I'm here and you're there.  Have a 0 minute commute.  All you need is a working camera and microphone on a smart-phone, laptop, desktop computer, or tablet and a confidential space for a little less than an hour, and I'll send you the link via email or text. It's your choice.  Then we've got nothing to do, but get to get this energy out of you!


    Finding the right therapist is hard.  If after the first, second, or third session, you believe for whatever reason, I cannot help you then you don't pay for that final session. 

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